Background Information
Gender Female
Height 5'08
Weight 133 lbs. (most varieties)
Unknown (Gruziya)
Attack Level
Move Level
Voice actor
Appearances Golden Axe

Zuburoka (ズブロッカ Zuburokka) is the name of the amazonian unit from Death Adder's army that appear as common enemies in Golden Axe and Ax Battler: A Legend of Golden Axe. They are also collectively known as Amazonian Warrior and Amazones (アマゾネス). The Zuburoka group of amazonian warriors is a rival of Tyris Flare's amazon group.

Zuburoka warriors appear in four varieties: Storchinaya (blue), Strobaya (green, also known as Syrobaya), Lemanaya (red) and Gruziya (dark, also known as Guruziya).


The names Zuburoka, Storchinaya, Strobaya, and Lemanaya are derived from brands of vodka: Żubrówka, Stolichnaya, Stolovaya, and Limonnaya. Gruziya is an old name of Georgia, a country known for its wine.


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