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Tyris Face
Tyris Flare
Background Information
Gender Female
Height 172 cm (5'08)
Weight Unknown
Attack Level
Move Level
Status Alive
Occupation Amazon
Axirian sister (in Beast Rider)
Appearances Golden Axe
Golden Axe II
Golden Axe: Beast Rider

Tyris Flare (ティリス=フレア Tirisu Furea) is one of the main protagonists of the Golden Axe franchise and the sole playable character in Golden Axe: Beast Rider.


Tyris is shown as a calm and collected woman. Her half-Amazon upbringing has made her tough and strong willed, and she is very skilled with a blade.

In Golden Axe: Beast Rider, she values the Axirian Sisterhood more than anything else and would sacrifice her life for her sisters without a thought. She also has great respect for the dwarf Gilius Thunderhead.


Tyris was the former princess of the Firewood Kingdom, where she lived happily with her parents, the king and the queen. One fateful day, an evil army led by Death Adder invaded her kingdom. Her father and the kingdom's army tried to fight them off, only to be defeated. After her father was slain by Death Adder, her mother escaped with her to the canyons. After momentarily evading Death Adder's army, her mother told her to remain hidden deep within the canyons no matter what happens just moments before one of Death Adder's minion suddenly appeared and killed her. Tyris was then adopted by the amazons who trained her in the arts of swordsmanship and fire magic.

Golden AxeEdit

The first game begins in Yuria, with Tyris, Ax Battler and Gilius Thunderhead walking into the wasteland to find their friend Alex wounded. He tells them that the king and the princess have been taken by Death Adder and asks to avenge him before passing away. Tyris fights her way through the forest battling the minions of Death Adder. After getting through the forest, she decides to take a shortcut through Turtle Village which is located on the back of a turtle to reach Death Adder's castle. When she arrives she finds that the village has already been pillaged by Death Adder's servants and the villagers are in panic. She decides to help them and manages to save the village. The turtle then takes her south across the sea. After crossing the sea, Tyris gets in close vicinity of the castle but sees it is heavily guarded by Death Adder's minions. She crosses the Fiend's Path, which turned out to be a giant eagle that took Tyris across the skies to Death Adder's castle where the final battle begun. After a long and hard battle and even though Death Adder was wielding the legendary Golden Axe, Tyris was victorious and saved the king and his daughter.

Golden Axe IIEdit

Tyris, Ax Battler, and Gilius join forces again to fight against a new menace, Dark Guld.


Tyris is a woman with a slim build, long red hair, and green eyes.

In Golden Axe: Beast Rider, she has short hair and white warpaint on her face (specifically around her eyes). She wears many different outfits throughout the game, depending on which stage she is in, which are unlocked and can be used in other stages. Those are the Axirian Plainstrider, Diyar Tracker, Wastelands Scout, Undead Scout, Fiend's Path Battle Armor, and her original outfit from Golden Axe. She also uses different weapons: Axirian Blade, Diyar Sword, Wastelands Blade, Fiend Slayer, Battler's Blade, Wraithsbane, Long Beach Special, Mauler's Mace, Unholy Steel, Death Reaver, and the Golden Axe.


Tyris Pillar of Fire

Tyris using Pillar of Fire

Tyris is highly skilled with a short sword, using it with great proficiency. She has great magical power, controlling the fire element to cast powerful flames which has made her able to handle any situation. She is also very nimble, able to parry or evade most of the attacks thrown at her, and counter them with brute force. She is very skilled at riding many of the beasts she encounters.

In Golden Axe, her magic powers are:

Level 1Fire Spark
Level 2Pillar of Fire
Level 3Fire Ghost
Level 4Running Flames
Level 5Eruption
Level 6Dragon's Breath


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