"The missing link between Dragon and Abrax, the last Megabrax has been corrupted by Death Adder to serve as his guardian. "Meg" can devour all other beasts. Only the Demon Wing can stand against her."-Description

Megabrax is a beast from Golden Axe: Beast Rider.



Tyris riding the Megabrax

Towards the end of her quest, Tyris Flare encounters a Megabrax (nicknamed "Meg") in the Fiend's Path. This missing link between Dragons and Abraxes was believed to be extinct, but Death Adder managed to somehow obtain one to act as his guardian. Tyris believes that Death Adder resurrected one to serve him. Regardless of its origin, the Megabrax is extremely ferocious, and will attack Tyris on sight. To ride it, Tyris must first stun the beast to get on it. After reaching a certain point with her, the Megabrax will drop Tyris and attack her, but she manages to get away from her, leaving "Meg" behind.


Megabrax is the largest and most powerful beast in the game, but is only available in one point of the game. It can easily take care of most enemies on its path, with only the Demon Wings standing a chance against its strength. The Megabrax attacks are:

  • Bite and Tail Attacks - Standard attacks. (X button)
  • Roar - Stuns enemies. (Square button)
  • Eat - The Megabrax eats enemies impaled on her tail. (X + Square)
Raptor model

Concept model

Besides being available only once, another downside is that Tyris can only command the beast for a limited time due its savagery. Instead of a health gauge, the Megabrax has a Bloodlust gauge, which will slowly decrease. If it gets empty, the Megabrax will drop Tyris and attack her again, requiring Tyris to stun "Meg" once more to mount her. The gauge is refilled when she gets on the Megabrax.

To keep the Bloodlust gauge filled, Tyris must feed stunned beasts and impaled enemies to the Megabrax. Beasts are the best for it, filling a good amount of the gauge, while Demons are disgusting. Also, although Tyris will be in a high position while riding the beast, enemies can still drop her from it, and once down she will be attacked by the Megabrax and the enemies present, requiring another stun. The Megabrax cannot be killed as it is required to complete the area it appears.

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