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Keel (キール Kīru) is one of the playable characters in Golden Axe: The Duel.


From the northern province of Crystal comes Keel, an elf warrior determined to destroy all who oppose him. He is known throughout the provinces by many names: "Keel the Mad," "The Lancer," and "Stinging Ice" are among them. Those who travel across the tundra do so only in large numbers, for it is said Keel haunts the roads looking for prey.

His own clan has tried unsuccessfully to get rid of him, the last time by encasing him in ice. He should have perished, but after Death Adder's revival, Keel disappeared. Keel has always been ambitious, and several elves remember him vowing to one day become ruler of Crystal. Only now do they fear it's possible, specially if he obtains the Golden Axe.


ImageArcadeSega Saturn

"...What happened?"
"Big brother!"
"Lydia! What happened to me?"
"The war is over, Keel, and everything is fine now."

"Brother, I've found you!"
"Lydia, what...what happened? The rage inside me is gone!"
"The Golden Axe, which you won in battle, has returned your senses to you."


"I've been losing my memory since the war. What have I been doing since then?"
"Everything is fine. You don't have to worry about anything now."

"The war is over, my brother. It is finally time for you to live happily, and in tranquility."
"Yes, sister. Let us leave this place. We have a lot of catching up to do..."


Special Moves:

  • Ice Arrow (アイスアロー): ↓↘→, any Punch
  • Power Stab (アイスクラッシュ, Ice Crash): ↓↙←, any Punch
  • Ice Slide: ↓↙←, any Kick
  • Freezing Bolt: →↓↘, any Punch
  • Dematerialization (クレイジースプラッシュ, Crazy Splash): →↘↓, any Kick

Hyper Magic:

  • Insanity Winds (狂気-100℃, "Insanity -100℃"): ↓↙←↓↙←, any Punch


Keel's stage is Crystal Haven (クリスタルヘブン Kurisutaru Hebun), an area in the northwest of the continent with several frozen objects and people. One of the ice blocks to the right of the stage can be shattered, releasing rabbits that will run away from the scene.

Victory quotesEdit

  • How I love the feeling of my blades penetrating human flesh...
  • Chop! Chop! Chop! All work and no play.
  • Just like carving up a turkey...


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