Jamm (ジャム Jamu) is one of the playable characters in Golden Axe: The Duel.


The northeastern part of the continent is a collection of small provinces that until recently battled one another. A baby girl, born in this region, was left behind when the villagers fled as enemy troops approached her hamlet. The wilderness spirit Degas (デガース Degāsu) found this baby girl and named her Jamm.

The spirit found shelter for Jamm and asked the beasts of the lands to welcome her as one of their own. Though still young and naive, Jamm has learned to survive in the wilderness, even to defend herself when necessary. She has learned a number of fighting styles from the animals, and hopes to keep what's left of the provinces for them.

After Degas passed away, Jamm began wearing his fur and claws. When she learned that the Golden Axe can make any wish come true, she began seeking it to revive Degas.


ImageArcadeSega Saturn

"Why no working?"
"My dear, Jamm, the axe has no such power. You've got to understand that and return to the humans."
"No! this is no real Golden Axe!

"We did it, Corgon! We now have the Golden Axe, and Degas can be brought back to life!"
"You have done well, young one, the axe is safe from evil influence." "Degas! You appear as a ghost, why doesn't the axe return you to life?"
"The axe has no such power, Jamm. I will stay where I am, and you must hide the axe where no one will ever find it."


Jamm bury fake axe here, and find real one! Codegus!"

Understanding the true purpose of his quest, Jamm took the axe and hid it deep in the woods, never to be found by those who would misuse its power.


Special Moves:

  • Beast Blast: ↓↘→, any Punch
  • Beast Cannon (ビーストキャノン): ↓↘→, hold any Punch
  • Thundering Herd (ライジングホーン, Rising Horn): ← (hold), → + any Punch
  • Cats Paw (キャッツバースト, Cat's Burst): Press a Kick button repeatedly
  • Snapping Tail: → + Medium Kick
  • Mule Kick: → + Strong Kick

Hyper Magic:

  • Spirit Summon (ウルガパパデガス "Urugapapadegasu"): ← (hold), →↓↘, any Punch


Jamm has no stage of her own, instead fighting in other stages, usually in the Wenpa Harbour. Her companion Codegus (コデガス Kodegasu, Corgon in the Saturn version) sleeps in the background of the stage.

Victory quotesEdit

  • He, he, he! I won!
  • The spirit of my father gives me the power to win.
  • Caught ya sleepin'...


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