GABR Grubber


"Stinking of raw flesh and offal, the Grubber is the lowest scavenger of Death Adder's army. They roam in packs and will often attack a warrior from behind." - Game description

Grubbers are enemies from Golden Axe: Beast Rider. They aren't very strong or smart compared to other members from Death Adder's army, but in compensation they attack in large groups and often attack their target from behind. They are the first enemy Tyris Flare faces in game and also the most common, being fought in The Island of Axir and in many other locations.


Grubbers are humanoids tied with black belts all around their body and have black ropes tying tusks to their jaws. They use clubs as a weapon against Tyris.


Grubbers only have one attack, where they swing their club at Tyris. This attack can be evaded and parried. They can be brutal countered by evading or parrying then using a heavy attack. When Tyris successfully brutal counters a Grubber, she will either throw him in the air then cut him in half, or slit his throat.

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