Gillius Rockhead

Gillius Rockhead (ギリウス ロックヘッド Giriusu Rokkuheddo) is one of the playable characters in Golden Axe: The Duel.


Gillius Rockhead is a dwarf that comes from a family of distinguished fighters. His great-grandfather, Gilius Thunderhead, is the legendary axeman who helped slay Death Adder. It's not easy living in the shadow of such an ancestor, but Gillius, too, has perfected axe-battling and has become a renowned warrior.

When news of Death Adder's reappearance reached the town of Guillegun, Gillius Rockhead was the first to prepare for the war. The people of his town must not suffer again.


ImageArcadeSega Saturn

"He is back!" "Gillius!"
"We have no time to lose!"
"Quick, this way!"

"Death Adder is dead, and the Golden Axe is mine. Now, to bury this cursed axe before it falls into the wrong hands..."


"Now, we seal this axe so that the curse shall never be unleashed again."
"O, great father of Guillegun,

"Never again shall the axe be the cause of a war. Never again shall it be a tool of evil."

GilliusEnd3 may peace be with us forever."

The Golden Axe was sealed deep in the bowls of the Earth. Below the axe, an inscription read, 'May peace reign forever.'


Special Moves:

  • Stone Crush (ガッシュストン, Gush Stone): ←↙↓↘→, any Kick
  • Shoulder Charge (ソリッドショルダー, Solid Shoulder): ↓↘→, any Punch
  • Miner's Drill (サンダーヘッド, Thunderhead): ↓↙←, any Kick
  • Stone Storm (パワーストーン, Power Stone): →←→, Strong Kick (in front of enemy)
  • Kick Fury (ビートキック, Beat Kick): →↘↓, Strong Punch (in front of enemy)
  • Rock Roll: ↓ + Strong Kick (while jumping)

Hyper Magic:

  • Jawbreak (ジオブレイク, Geo Break): →↘↓↙↗, any Kick (in front of enemy)


Gillius Rockhead's stage is Guillegun's Cave (ギルガンズケイブ Giruganzu Keibu), located in center of the continent. The background is a cave with dwarves watching the battle.

Victory quotesEdit

  • You have great courage, but you were simply outmatched.
  • You have no chance, now. I've figured out your bag of tricks.
  • Do not be so quick to run to your death, young one.



  • In the English manual, Gilius Thunderhead's name is written as Gillius and Guillegun is mistranslated as Gilliam.
    • In Gilius Thunderhead's case, it is possible the change was done to match Gillius Rockhead's name.
  • Also, the manual states that Gilius Thunderhead used the Golden Axe to slay Death Adder. This is not true, as Death Adder is the one who yielded the Golden Axe. However, this may be due to an error occuring in the tale as the years passed, or the fact the Gilius's axe is golden in the arcade version of the first Golden Axe game.

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