Background Information
Gender Male
Attack Level
Move Level
Status Deceased
Voice actor Masato Hirano (Golden Axe, PC Engine)
Appearances Golden Axe

"Garī" (ガリー, roughly "Gary", "Garry", "Gully", ...), known as Gaira (ガイラ) in the PC Engine version, is a minor character from Golden Axe. This dwarf is the young brother and only relative of Gilius Thunderhead. He and Gilius were among the soldiers from the Firewood Kingdom fighting against Death Adder's army.

In the Japanese manual from the Genesis version, Gilius was knocked out during the battle. When he awoke, the battle had ended, and Garī's corpse was lying on him, protecting his brother.

In the PC Engine version, Gaira is seen in a flashback when playing as Gilius. During the attack in Firewood, a weakened Gilius witnessed Gaira being killed by Death Adder himself. As Gilius passes out, he hears Death Adder's laugher.

His death caused Gilius to pursue Death Adder to avenge his brother.


  • Although Garī is Gilius's only living relative (until his death) in the games, in Sonic the Comic Gilius has a sister, and his father was still alive after the events of Golden Axe II.
  • In the manual from the computer versions of Golden Axe, Gilius's story was altered. In it Gilius is a dwarf from the mines of Wolud, where he lost his twin brother in the battle to defend their homestead against Death Adder's forces. The manual says that members of the Dwarvish race are very closely bonded to their relatives by emotional ties - and in the case of twins, this bonding is immensely strong. Gilius Thunderhead has sworn by all he holds sacred to join his brother in death by killing Death Adder and then committing suicide. This is not part of the main games, as Gilius appears in sequels.

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