Doc (ドク Doku) is one of the playable characters in Golden Axe: The Duel.


The island of Miribar is a unique place: its ports stocked with goods and animals from distant lands, its college healers the best in the provinces. But when the man calling himself "Doc" resigned from his position at the school to seek the Golden Axe, the island folk were stunned. A healing man who fights? No one had ever quit the college before.

Doc has promised to bring the Golden Axe back to the province. This, to say the least, has caused mixed feelings. Why welcome back a man who broke his vows, even if he returns with the legendary axe?


ImageArcadeSega Saturn

"Do you have to go? You've protected us from so many problems for so long."
"Yes, and the cause of those problems is now destroyed, I must accomplish my true mission."

"For so long now I have treated those with sickness, but was never able to destroy the disease itself. With the axe, I can now cure all sickness for all time."
"But Doc, must you leave us? You have kept us safe and healthy for so long!"
"Yes. My job here is done. There are others who will need the healing powers of the Golden Axe."


In time, the story of a man who worked miracles reaches the outlying countries.
"There is a man, who is a doctor and a warrior. No one knows about him; only that his name is Doc."

In time, the healer and warrior known as Doc became famous throughout the land. Never again would an innocent die from disease or evil deeds.


Special Moves:

  • Scalpel Slash (裂空斬 "Rekkūzan"): ↓ (hold), ↑ + any Punch
  • Dashing Strike: ←↙↓↘→, Strong Punch
  • Roundhouse (雷鉄閃 "Kaminari Tetsusen"): →↘↓↙←, any Punch
    • Roundhouse Plus: →↘↓↙←, hold any Punch
    • Roundhouse Feint: →↘↓↙←, any Kick
  • Head Shock (雷撃衝 "Raigekishō", "Lightning Strike Shock"): →↓↘, any Punch
  • Triple Kick (昇り三連蹴り "Nobori Sanren Keri", "Rising Triple Kick"): →↓↘, any Kick
  • Surprise Jump: (when near edge of game field) ↑, D-Pad away from edge + any Kick for the jump
  • Sliding Knee: (when near edge of game field) ↑, D-Pad towards edge + any Kick for the slide

Hyper Magic:

  • Shock Wave (天地雷鳴覇 "Tenchi Raimei Ha", "Heaven and Earth Thundering Supremacy"): →↘↓↙←→, any Punch


Doc's stage is Wenpa Harbor (ウェンパ淃), located in the island to the west of the continent. The background has a village, a bridge across a river, several people watching the fight, and two Chicken Legs.

Victory quotesEdit

  • I can only heal your wounds. No doctor can heal your recklessness.
  • Thanks for comin'...
  • Do you want some medical advice? Get out of the fight game.


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