An Abrax

The Abrax is a species of reptilian beasts that Tyris Flare can ride in Golden Axe: Beast Rider. It is the first beast that is encountered in the game.


The Abrax are a species of reptilian beasts that mostly resemble dinosaurs, and are powerful but docile. They are said to be descended from the Great Dragon, a Titan that is worshipped as a god by the Axirian Sisterhood. The sisterhood breeds the Abrax for defense and transport, and mostly uses them for swift trasportation, and quick attacks.



Tyris riding an Abrax

Tyris can command the Abrax to use multiple attacks they are:

  • Tail Whip: The Abrax swipes its tail in a circular motion, damaging nearby enemies.
  • Fire Breath: The Abrax breathes fire from his mouth, burning his enemies but slowly damaging itself.
  • Fireball: The Abrax spits a fireball in a vertical pattern that explodes upon impact, with the ground damaging enemies caught in the blast. This attack also decreases his health.


Abrax model

Abrax model concept

Abraxes mostly resemble prehistoric dinosaurs. They have an elongated neck, their tails are filled with deadly spikes, their eyes are slitted and orange in color, and they also share some traits with dragons, most likely because of their origin. Sometimes a golden armored version of them can be encountered, but are almost always mounted by enemies. The armored Abrax can take much more damage than the unarmored one.

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